Full-Service Accounting

Money is the lifeblood of your business in Acworth GA. As an owner, you’re thinking about revenue, expenses, payroll, overhead, profit, taxes, and a dozen other things.

Our approach to business accounting simplifies all of these elements. Your account manager is there to advise you, help you with our wide range of Client Accounting Services including, tax planning, and coordinate with your bookkeeping and payroll teams, so there’s less for you to keep track of.







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Understanding Our Services


Reliable books and reports

Every Pantana CPA client is matched with:

A bookkeeper who maintains your official, compliant books

An account manager who helps you with your tax projection and provides best-practice advice for your business

A tax accountant who prepares your tax returns


No more mess with the IRS

  1. Tax Projection Annually - We help you plan for taxes.
  2. Tax Preparation - Every year, we prepare personal and business tax returns.
  3. Tax Resolution - We will assist with any IRS issues that may arise.

What that looks like in practice for you:

Minimizing taxes for businesses

Income tax planning for individuals

Multi-state tax compliance

More details:


Real service, not just software

Payroll is an optional add-on service that we provide for our business clients. Our payroll team will process your payroll on whatever schedule you decide and handle the creation of tax documents for employees and contractors at the beginning of the year.

Here's what it looks like for you:

Business payroll processing

Payroll reports

Federal and state payroll tax filings

Direct deposits

W-2 and W-3 preparation

1099 preparation

Unemployment claims

Direct import into your accounting software

Workers compensation audits

Employee payroll portal


Guidance for when you really need it

The most valuable thing we do for our clients is to serve as a resource as they grow their businesses. We'll help you answer the tough questions.

“How can I improve my profit margins?”

“Are there ways for me to save on taxes?”

"Are my projects profitable?"

“How much overhead do I have, and what should my target be?”

“Can I afford to make another hire?”

Other Resources

Dave Ramsey Financial Principles

Quickbook Resources


It Starts With a Conversation

No obligation, no pressure.